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Manfrotto 058B

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The 058B Triaut is one of the most exciting tripods in the whole Manfrotto range, featuring patented simultaneous release of all three legs or any individual leg. This permits the legs to be extended, the tripod levelled (spirit level provided) and locked in seconds without 'fiddling' with individual leg adjustments. Telescoping the legs is achieved by activating the same release. Other important features of this very professional tripod are the ability to adjust all angles individually and secure them with Manfrotto telescopic struts. Favoured for medium format up to large. Rubber feet with retractable spiked feet are standard. Includes carrying strap.

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Manfrotto 028B

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Strong, sturdy and reliable, the Triman tripod is the ideal studio tripod. The geared centre column has a non roll-back feature and has a threaded 3/8" mount on the bottom of the column to allow low angle shots. Twin shank leg design, built-in spirit level and rubber feet with retractable spikes are standard features. The tripod uses a centre column strut design for added stability. Includes a mid level spreader and carrying strap. Ideal for cameras up to medium format. Diameter legs in mm: 25,20,19 tandem. Same as 028 but black.   

Maximale hoogte 227cm
Gewicht 4,15kg
Minimale hoogte 77cm
Draaghoogte 82cm
Hoogte zonder middenzuil 179cm
Maximale belasting 12kg

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Manfrotto 161MK2B

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The tallest tripod in the range. Capable of providing a stable platform for cameras up to 20kg at a maximum height of 2.67m! (On the other hand this giant is also capable of a minimum height of 44cm!). The geared centre column is self-locking. The legs are braced using telescopic struts for maximum rigidity and the ability to have individually adjustable and lockable angles. Rubber feet with retractable spiked feet and level are standard equipment. Ideal for all large format cameras. Diameter legs in mm: 40,35,30. Same as 161MK2 but black.   

Maximale hoogte 267cm
Gewicht 7.95kg
Minimale hoogte 44cm
Draaghoogte 105cm
Hoogte zonder middenzuil 242cm
Maximale belasting 20kg

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Manfrotto 475B

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All aluminium construction and unrivalled in stability, the 475 Pro Geared Tripod incorporates a unique centre brace structure system, reliable quick-action leg locks, non-rollback three faceted geared centre column, spirit level and rubber/metal spiked feet. The revolutionary centre brace system can be operated in a symmetric or asymmetric way. This allows you to achieve two important results: fast positioning by locking the braces so that all of the legs will spread to the same angle and open instantly, or individual setting of the angle of each leg for the ultimate in tripod flexibility. To avoid annoying delays in levelling the tripod, the telescopic centre braces have been designed with two "click stop" positions that allow you to easily find the same spread angle on all three legs. The second improvement has been made to the leg locking system. Diameter legs in mm: 35, 30, 25. Same as 475 but black.   

Maximale hoogte 188cm
Gewicht 4.3kg
Minimale hoogte 43cm
Draaghoogte 80cm
Hoogte zonder middenzuil 162cm
Maximale belastbaarheid 12kg

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